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To hopefully my awesome OC XenoGirl more popularity and HOPEFULLY, make it to a future XenoGirl film.

I really appreciate any help or support. :)

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Tristan T. Lund
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United States
Favorite Quotes:
"It's the cat man!" -Brett to Parker from ALIEN
"A survivor, unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality." -Ash to Ripley from ALIEN
"If it bleeds we can kill it." -Dutch to Anna from PREDATOR
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"This, is my BOOMSTICK!" -Ash to peasants from Army of Darkness
"Not too close I hope." -David to Holloway from PROMETHEUS
"Get it out of me!" -Shaw from PROMETHEUS
"What did we do wrong!" -Shaw to Engineer from PROMETHEUS
"It's carrying death!" -Shaw to Captain from PROMETHEUS

Top 15 movies:
4. Super 8
5. Evil Dead 2
6. Robocop
7. An American Werewolf in London
8. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
9. Evangelion 2.22
10. Godzilla vs Destroyah
11. John Carpenter's The Thing
12. Lord of the Rings
13. The Dark Knight
14. John Carpenter's Halloween
15. Prometheus

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Recently, AraghenXD, general-sci, and I all posted rough reviews or thoughts on the Anime Kill la Kill.
We had all see different portions of the series, and all of us had a different opinion.
Then general-sci came up with an idea for a Journal where the 3 of us would all review something and each give a different opinion.
Sorta like when Ebert and Siskel would disagree.
Each time, a different host would pick something for us to review. Either a movie or a TV show. But it would be chosen as something that we could give different opinions of.
One week, I would pick something.
The next week, general-sci would pick something.
Then AraghenXD would pick something the next week.
And then it would restart.
This seems to me like it could be a fun way to bring 3 different perspectives to a film.
We haven't decided everything. But AraghenXD did come up with a name for the review series.

"The Critic, The General, and The Jackass"

I'm excited to try this, and I'm wondering if you guys would be interested in something like this.
Let me know in the comments.
That's right! My reviews are back! :D
I know that I originally planned to review my top 10 Animes from least favorite, to most favorite. But I just really wanted to get my thoughts on this one out there.
So I'll be reviewing my favorite Animes in sort of a randomized order. But I will still be finishing things with my thoughts on Evangelion.
Anyway, on another note this is my 50th review on DeviantART. For nearly a year I've done reviews of all kinds of movies.
Originally, I intended my 50th film review to be Interstellar. But I didn't get a chance to see it yet. So maybe next weekend. ;)
But I recently rewatched this entire series for a third time and decided I wanted to make it my 50th review.
Anyway, let's get into it. :)

But first, cue the music: 

Kill la Kill is an Action/Comedy Anime about the guitar-case toting transfer student tomboy Ryuko Matoi. Ryuko is on a search for her father's murderer, with a large scissor blade left embedded in her father's chest as her only clue. Her search for the owner of the other half takes her to Honnouji Academy. A high school where your position there determines your living conditions in the city below. The entire city and school is ruled over by the dictatorship of the Student Council, headed by Student Council President Satsuki Kiryuin. After enrolling at Honnouji Academy, Ryuko goes looking for answers and finds that Lady Satsuki recognizes her scissor blade. Knowing that Satsuki knows something about her scissor blade and may even be the owner of the other half, Ryuko tries to beat the answers out of her. However, she is unable to even touch her and receives a beating from the Student Council members who possess uniforms that give them superhuman abilities called Goku uniforms. But before they can finish her off and confiscate her scissor blade, Ryuko escapes and heads back to the ruins of her father's home. There, she encounters Senketsu. A living Sailor Uniform who, after being awakened by Ryuko's blood, bonds with her. It turns out, Senketsu is a Kamui (Godrobe). Meaning unlike the Goku uniforms which are made from 10%-30% life fibers. Senketsu is composed entirely out of live fibers.
With newfound power, Ryuko returns to Honnouji Academy and fights her way through the school to the top where she can have her final battle with Satsuki.

That's the basic premise of the series there. But there was quite a bit that I did not mention. Like the Elite Four, Ryuko's friend Mako, and Mikisugi. Even the real villain of the show, Satsuki's mother. Ragyo.
But I don't want to spoil anything right now. This is just my initial thoughts.
Now then. Kill la Kill...
I have to say out of all my favorite Animes, Evangelion may be my favorite. But Kill la Kill is the most fun I've had watching a show in years. The show is pretty much exciting, crazy, ridiculous, over the top fun. But it has alot of heart that makes it far more than that. The relationships between the characters are some of the strongest aspects.
I felt so engaged in Ryuko's quest, I constantly wanted to see if she would win or what would happen next.

Now, as much as I wish I could, I can't not bring up the insane amounts of fan-service in this show.
Yes, there's fan-service in an Anime. That's like saying there are explosions in a Michael Bay film. Duh!
Fan service has been around ever since Anime started. It's not going away.
I usually have a problem with fan-service in things like Rosario+Vampire and High School DxD where there's nothing BUT panty shots and bouncing tits.
However, I don't have a problem with it here. Why?
Well, because it is there for a reason. Most fan-service is just there because the animator decided to draw it and because the Japanese are very sexist and perverted.
But in something like Elfen Lied, the nudity is there to create a feeling of uneasiness. It's there to set a mood.
In Kill la Kill, it's there to service the theme of the story.
That theme being that humans shouldn't be ashamed of being naked. That we existed long before clothes.
One of the characters says it herself: "Clothing is man's first Sin."
Ryuko is deeply embarrassed the first few times she uses Senketsu because of how much of her skin he reveals.
But that comes back to bite her because by being ashamed she was unknowingly rejecting him and not allowing herself to use him to his full potential.
And as much fan-service as there is, it never takes away the characters' dignity.
Usually one would find the outfits Ryuko and Satsuki wear to be demeaning and anti-feminist.
However, I think it is anything but that.
I think it is actually empowering. Satsuki and Ryuko are some of the strongest female characters in Anime.
Some people find it sick and creepy that they have a 17 year old girl's body displayed in such way.
I think they are the ones who are sick for thinking that. There is nothing sick about the human body. We guys were all young at some point. We found 17 year-olds attractive.
Society today thinks that the public needs to be kept away from images of breasts and that they need to be censored.
Why? Because we've never seen them before? Like we totally weren't sucking on them mere hours after being born?
Bottom line, there's a lot of fan-service. However, I think it is far toned down when compared to other shows, it has a purpose and services the story they are telling, and it doesn't turn the characters into sex objects to ogle. We still are on the edge of our seat on who will win. Anyway, that's it for the inevitable fan-service controversy portion of this review.

More music:

What else do I have to say about the series?
I really like the pacing. The pacing of Kill la Kill is very efficient. It never becomes formulaic or stale. There's something new happening every episode. And the plot changes drastically throughout the series.
It starts out feeling like it'll be a formulaic show where every week Ryuko kicks a different student's ass.
But after several episodes, it quickly spirals into something far bigger than that.
Another of the show's highlights is its action scenes. Every single one of them is kinetic and entertaining. It's a visual splendor.
And the fights are rarely one sided. At times we are legitimately unsure whether Ryuko will win this one.
The show also has perhaps the best soundtrack of any Anime I've seen.
Hiroyuki Sawano is a composer I'm always excited to hear. He's done scores for things like Attack on Titan, Blue Exorcist, Aldnoah Zero, and Guilty Crown. But this I can definitively say is his best work.
Every character has their own theme song that fits them perfectly. I listen to the soundtrack very often. And highly recommend listening to some of it on YouTube.
One other thing I like about the series is its style.
Every time a character, place, or item is introduced, its name flashes across the screen in big red characters. Almost an homage to some of the classic Asian martial arts films. In fact many things in the series feel like loving homages to other Animes.

In conclusion, Kill la Kill is a well paced, creative and entertaining series that I'm always happy to return to.
It is the Anime that got me into Anime. Before Kill la Kill, i was always reserved and limited myself to 3 Animes that I liked.
Had I not seen this series, I would not have gotten into Anime and seen enough shows to make a top 10 list.
The series even has similarities to my own XenoGirl series. So to pay respect, I left some homages to Kill la Kill throughout the series.
It's a series that goes so over the top, you'd think it would become tiring or stupid. But it manages to have so much heart behind it, as well as a unique setting and creative world.
Some may think it goes too far. And I can see how it would look that way. I can see that it isn't for everyone.
But if you just take a leap of faith like I did, and give it several episodes with an open mind, you might find that there's alot more to this series than you thought.
For me, it is one of the most entertaining shows I've seen, and is a work of art that I deeply enjoy.
I will give Kill la Kill a 10/10 and a STRONG recommend to anyone who loves Animes or is looking for a fun and entertaining show.
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